What are the Farming Rules for Water?
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April 4, 2018

On the 2nd April 2018, DEFRA implemented 8 new rules for farmers and land managers to prevent water pollution in England.

The NFU has summarised these new rules here, and also produced a briefing for NFU members which is available here.

The legislation has been designed to build on the best practice currently exercised by the agriculture industry, so the new rules shouldn’t come as a shock. However, you do need to be able to demonstrate that you are following these new rules if evidence is requested by the Environment Agency, especially if you are located within a high-risk area.


With over 20 years of water management and regulation experience, Envireau Water’s expert team of water scientists can provide a range of support including:

1. Risk Assessment / Water Framework Directive Assessment

Identification and mapping of high risk receptors and protected water dependent sites.

2. GIS Mapping

Development of land slope plans to highlight risk of sediment laden runoff to surface water. Plotting buffer zones around surface water bodies and boreholes/wells.

3. Soil Sampling

Soil sampling, nutrient analysis and mapping.

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