Will we see you at the EIG Conference next week?
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September 1, 2016

The Envireau Water team are excited to be heading to Birmingham next week for the 19th EIG Conference.

Envireau Water is a technical consultancy specialising in the management and regulation of natural water systems. We work with quarrying companies solving the technical and regulatory problems that materialise through the planning and permitting of new and existing developments. Find out more here.

We will be exhibiting in the Great Hall of the Aston Webb building. Be sure to come over and say hello, and you may even win a prize if you can find Wally at our stand!

The Extractive Industry Geology (EIG) Conferences are renowned as a series of highly successful conferences held every 2 years that provide a unique scientific and technical shop window for the non-petroleum extractive industry. Visit the EIG website for more information.