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January 18, 2017

With LAMMA ’17 taking place in Peterborough over the next 2 days, we thought this was the ideal time to highlight the services that Envireau Water offers for the Agricultural and Horticultural sectors.

Envireau Water is one of the UK’s leading independent consultancies, providing expert guidance on design, management and regulatory issues relating to water management and environmental issues.

Our range of expertise comes from many years working in the agricultural and horticultural sectors across the UK, and includes:

  • Water resource assessments
  • Irrigation water supply & borehole evaluation
  • Winter storage reservoir feasibility & design
  • Flood risk assessment and polytunnel drainage
  • Abstraction licensing, trading & renewal
  • Nitrate sensitive farming and associated regulations
  • Planning EIA/ES (water & environmental aspects)
  • Water footprinting and supply chain risk management
  • Drinking water supply risk assessment, management, development & rehabilitation
  • Regulator liaison and negotiation

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