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Impact assessments form part of a wide range of statutory applications. Hydrogeological impact assessments may form part of a planning application, an abstraction licence application or a minerals review whilst environmental impact assessments (EIAs) cover a wide range of technical subjects; one of which is water. The water aspects of an EIA may cover hydrology, hydrogeology, water quality or the interactions between any of these.

Envireau Water undertakes impact assessments to support other developments, whether it is a development involving a new borehole, quarrying, construction or waste disposal. We frequently deliver specific hydrogeological or hydrological chapters to form part of a larger scale impact assessment.

In all cases, we ensure that the impact assessment is designed to meet the objective of the development, whilst presenting the required data to the regulator. Where monitoring is required to support and inform an impact assessment, we can work with you to design and install appropriate schemes of groundwater and surface water monitoring.